In Eleanor Roosevelt's words: “Women are like tea bags—put them in hot water and they get stronger.”
The past 2 years have proven this true again and again. While the pandemic has put families and businesses in troubled waters, it has highlighted a mompreneur’s strength, wisdom, and versatility. A lot of stories have come to light, of businesswomen who have risen to the occasion and proven that moms just won’t quit.

But what makes moms such great entrepreneurs? It has something to do with years of practicing patience, persistence, multi-tasking, and knowing how to make the most of every spare minute!

But how did they do it? Caring for family is a major and time-consuming commitment that leaves little physical and emotional energy behind for business ventures. It compels them to make major life decisions that couldn’t have been easy on the mind or the heart.

If I have to share my experience with you; Having zero experience in launching and running a business, Blooming Buds took years of hard work and perseverance and I still have many more to go. Against all odds, however, I tried my level best to master the art of balancing business, family and self, and in a way that, from the outside, looks totally effortless. Here’s how I did it:

By identifying an opportunity - Most of the mothers, myself included, who started their own business did not plan it. Knowing my first born's needs better than anyone else, I started to design and create the #beddingsets she needed that the market did not offer. Once I realised the dearth of good quality and aesthetically appealing  #nurserybedding and #kidsfurnishings in the market, I started thinking how to share it with the moms like me. Here came the idea of starting Blooming Buds, which brought not only personal satisfaction and financial benefits but also kindled the dormant creative spark I never knew I existed within me.

By realising that neither priority (family or business) had to come over the other - This was by far the toughest one to implement but I try and maintain a healthy balance. “No working during family time” is my mantra! Separating work time from family time allows one to be more mentally and emotionally present during each. Also, do not let guilt accompany you on your business journey. You have to manage to take control over this feeling before it takes control over you. Sometimes working mothers can be too hard on themselves. So, cut yourself some slack!

By multitasking but also learning to prioritise - Do not overestimate multitasking. When you run a business as a mother, your mind can rush from everything you need to do for your family, business, and employees. Speaking from personal experience, even if multitasking is your middle name (at least that's what I thought), switching your attention from one task to another decreases your performance and productivity. Sometimes, it is good to be able to manage several problems simultaneously, but it is likely to exhaust you more than you think. Try to sort the issues that require your attention into urgent order and deal with them one by one.

By setting an example - Unfortunately, it’s all too common for working women to receive hurtful comments and questions regarding their abilities to raise happy families while advancing their careers. Mompreneurs experience this tenfold. 

Taking inspiration from my own mother and sister - one, a seasoned designer and the other an Image consultant, I followed the entrepreneurial path to demonstrate female leadership to my daughter, which only strengthened my ability to deflect negative comments from others.


Make sure to have some "Me" time -  One of the hardest sides of being a mompreneur is that your working day is never over. There will always be someone who needs you, either it is your child or employee. But keep in mind that any woman, and especially a hard-working entrepreneur, needs some time for herself. Take time out for your regular workouts, drinks with friends or a fun girls trip, if you will!

I feel that the growth of working from home has paved the way for the stay-at-home moms to the world of business, and they must not let the opportunity pass by. Raising both a child and a company requires enormous productivity, but strong women worldwide manage to do it.

It is never too late to take your place in the history of the companies started with the love and care of mothers. The idea that you have today can improve the lives of people tomorrow. The story of something great can begin right in your kitchen or your living room – do not let it be over before it starts. After all, we are the true heroes who have the ability to bring to this world both a new life and great ideas to life!